Top 10 Most Dangerous Martial Arts Apart from Eastern Martial Arts (Part 2)

Nguni: Battle with the stick 

The legendary fighting skills of the Nguni (Zulu) people are the use of sticks held in hand and a small shield in self-defense. While the stick cuts don’t do any harm, the blow and the stick punches can bring a great deal of pain to the opponent. It was this martial art that forged the pain, endurance and bravery of the Zulu people, making them not afraid of the prior British colonial gun attacks.


Sambo is a comparatively modern martial art, as well as a fighting and self-defence sport established in the Soviet Union and formally recognised as a sport in 1938. There are three branches of martial arts. Sambo should be remembered, including: Sport Sambo is a sport comparable to wrestling or judo; Combat Sambo has been developed in the military and is similar to modern synthetic martial arts (MMA); and Freestyle Sambo has been developed to comply with Sambo’s combat concepts defined by the American Sambo Association.

Apache: Fight by daggers 

Apache has a wide range of weapons to fight its enemies, and one of the most dangerous weapons used in close combat is a knife. Both Apaches carry at least one dagger at all times to be used in a lot of work while hunting, but they carry hundreds of them in combat. They can fire knives very precisely, hack into surrounding opponents, slash the opponent’s chest or throat. Today, the U.S. The Army recruited a number of Apache trainers to teach special forces to use daggers in combat. 

European fence

European fencing is a nuanced and intellectual martial art, with thousands of manuals available in Europe. Fencing warriors are known for their accurate attack and skillful footwork, as well as the ability to handle their entire body as skillfully as any Samurai warrior. 

Every country in Europe has a special style of arcing with various styles of swords


Combining boxing and wrestling, the ancient Greek Pankration encourages boxers to fight without any guidelines, from kicking in a cave to bending their fingers. The goal of the Olympic Games was to help all the men in the Greek city to maintain their military readiness.

Highland Wrestling

Plateau wrestling was the first form of military martial art introduced to young people in Scotland, usually from father to child.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Martial Arts Apart from Eastern Martial Arts (Part 1)

Besides the famous martial arts originating in Japan, China or other parts of Asia, there are many forms of martial arts that are extremely dangerous in other parts of the world.


Combining combat and dance, Capoeira is one of the most beautiful fighting styles

Capoeira started in Brazil because African slaves and native Americans had to learn to fight on their own with their hands shackled. After the abolition of slavery, the Emperor of Brazil considered Capoeira techniques to be extremely dangerous because the slaves had been released and the practice of martial art had been prohibited.

Capoeira soon began to conduct preparation and coaching competitions, accompanied by the music that made the martial arts exercise dance. Today, the matches of Capoeira are still seen as a form of music and acrobatics. But it has to be said that the amazing punches, tossing and landing movements make Capoeira very effective in actual fighting.


Developed in France during the 19th century, Savate was initially made by street boxers wearing heavy duty shoes on each other’s feet. Currently, Savate is a slang for the word “old shoe” Savate has started to migrate from the streets to boxing schools and remains a common form of unarmed fighting in France, renowned for its vicious kicks in the head and face until it kills competitors.


In fact, this martial art was created in America by Bruce Lee (then American citizen Bruce Lee-then American citizen) who practiced and appreciated the basic form of Western martial arts such as boxing. Tired of the unnecessarily complex techniques of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee rubbed the most straightforward strategies as he created Jeet-Kune-Do. Many of Lee’s celebrity mates have studied martial arts, such as Abdul-Jabbar, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, and Steve McQueen.

Krav Maga

This dangerous Israeli combat martial art originated in the streets, developed by the Jewish Quarter Guard against gangs opposed to the Jews. Krav Maga differs from most martial arts in that it focuses on ending the match as quickly as possible with overwhelming force. That makes the technique of Krav Maga the most dangerous weapon of any martial art. Today, this martial art is being used by the police and the military, including the Special Forces and the FBI.

Things that you don’t know about the MMA

The Chinese Tai Chi was defeated by an inexperienced MMA fighter in 10 seconds. What’s the MMA that’s so strong in the end? 

Recently, Chinese netizens are very interested in the knowledge that traditional martial arts masters are publicly presenting to MMA the challenge of modern martial arts. The cause of the incident was a clip about a spectacular “solo” process between Xu Xiaodong-an MMA-style fighter, and Wei Lei (Lei Lei)-a master of Tai Chi.

However the incident also leads many people to doubt the traditional martial arts, while also curious about MMA. After all, what is the MMA that Xu Xiaodong is able to use to ‘lift his voice’ in a land that prides itself on being the cradle of the millennial kungfu? 

MMA is not only a martial art

MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which means mixed martial arts. By and large, MMA would have to use several different martial arts at the same time.

While traditional martial arts concentrate on boxing, moving, and fighting, MMA takes advantage of the strengths of many martial arts to form its own fighting style. There are three ways to fight as follows:

The fighting style uses wrestling, highlights such as Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Battle Sambo, Karate, Taekwondo (standing) 

Free-body artifacts, Judo, Jiu-jitsu, and Sambo can boost stuffing, grappling, and throwing, while Muay Thai improves stuffing strength when fighting (stuffing, stuff) 

Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Jujutsu, Sambo… Help control situations after wrestling, improve grip, hold and protect in such circumstances.

It’s seldom an MMA fighter who practices a particular style of combat, but the style of fighting can be flexibly used depending on the situation. 

It is common for a martial artist to train with several different masters, and it is not rare for a person to use a boxing pose, but to fire high and dangerous muay kicks, then to dive into objects. And a necklace like the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Capoeira – The martial arts or the acrobatics?

Capoeira is an art that puts together a lot of other disciplines. It’s an acrobatic game, both music and poetry, where people write poems, create musical instruments, and discover special methods of struggle.

Is a martial art that originated in Brazil, but of African origin, secretly adopted and disseminated by black slaves, dressed as dances during religious ceremonies. The name Capoeira was granted to the Indians of Brazil. It means “the dust that grows back after being sliced,” which is also where the blacks live. It can be said that Capoeira today has a mysterious appeal, has traveled the globe, conquering all walks of life, from the common to the upper class, who are passionate about practicing.

Africans have very good endurance, and their acrobatic skills are also extremely strong. Capoeira is focused solely on these variables. Is a sect with a beautiful style of action and attack, featuring a lot of acrobatic movements before striking, often foot hits. Looks like Capoeira ‘s youth hip-hop dances have a scary fighting influence. The force of the blow is resonated by the rotating of the body like a ball kick combined with the rebounding of the African muscles, so it is very powerful.

Capoeira’s discipline is as strong as other subjects 

Capoeira is a martial discipline that we can exercise and learn all the time. The Capoeira beginner must perform the song first before anyone else. During this introduction ceremony, several masters will attend and beginners will “fight” one of them. To earn favors and send a nickname, the fighter must successfully execute a dencao, which is a footstroke that moves the opponent backwards. When the opponent’s ass hits the ground, he scores and becomes the Capoeirist.

In reality, the senior Kapoira disciple must be nude, but if you are a female, or a novice, you should still wear a top. Capoeira is a slightly heavy performance school (antagonism is not widely available) so often it looks a little like Hip-Hop.

What made Muay Thai so popular at MMA

Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, and Jon Jones are among the major names in MMA who make good use of Muay Thai moves in the octagon.

What makes Muay Thai so appealing to boxers?

1. There are a lot of threats to combat 

Muay Thai has attacks that use both arms and legs, as well as elbows and knees for effective attacks. The “clinch” move is a maneuver that is commonly used by many boxers. 

Clinch (somewhat translated as “holding in a standing position”) is one of the special techniques that gives Muay Thai a difference. If the boxing boxers have to avoid fighting and correct their places for each step of the opponent’s hug, Muay Thai also helps the boxers to continue attacking.

2. Efficient in vertical warfare 

Muay Thai is very successful in mixing various strategies that you can use before it forces the enemy to crash to the pit. From strong strikes to punches with your feet, Muay Thai can also be a successful way to beat your enemies.

3. It’s easy to understand 

Muay Thai is renowned for its versatility and authenticity, making it a perfect martial art in the MMA warrior training curriculum.

4. This is one of the pillars of MMA training

Many of the world’s most successful boxers use Muay Thai as part of their repertoire, and because of its flexibility, this is part of the fundamental mixed martial arts preparation. That any warrior has to go through before he starts.

5. Strong defence 

Very few martial arts are useful in actual self-defense situations. Muay Thai is one of the few subjects chosen, not only teaches how to strike vulnerable points in the body, but also locks, squeezes, and uses the power of the enemy to defeat them. Since MMA has fewer rules and it is difficult to foresee the martial art the enemy will use, learning how to react to a “real” challenge is a valuable skill, and Muay Thai has taught it. It’s really healthy.