Top 10 Most Dangerous Martial Arts Apart from Eastern Martial Arts (Part 2)

Nguni: Battle with the stick 

The legendary fighting skills of the Nguni (Zulu) people are the use of sticks held in hand and a small shield in self-defense. While the stick cuts don’t do any harm, the blow and the stick punches can bring a great deal of pain to the opponent. It was this martial art that forged the pain, endurance and bravery of the Zulu people, making them not afraid of the prior British colonial gun attacks.


Sambo is a comparatively modern martial art, as well as a fighting and self-defence sport established in the Soviet Union and formally recognised as a sport in 1938. There are three branches of martial arts. Sambo should be remembered, including: Sport Sambo is a sport comparable to wrestling or judo; Combat Sambo has been developed in the military and is similar to modern synthetic martial arts (MMA); and Freestyle Sambo has been developed to comply with Sambo’s combat concepts defined by the American Sambo Association.

Apache: Fight by daggers 

Apache has a wide range of weapons to fight its enemies, and one of the most dangerous weapons used in close combat is a knife. Both Apaches carry at least one dagger at all times to be used in a lot of work while hunting, but they carry hundreds of them in combat. They can fire knives very precisely, hack into surrounding opponents, slash the opponent’s chest or throat. Today, the U.S. The Army recruited a number of Apache trainers to teach special forces to use daggers in combat. 

European fence

European fencing is a nuanced and intellectual martial art, with thousands of manuals available in Europe. Fencing warriors are known for their accurate attack and skillful footwork, as well as the ability to handle their entire body as skillfully as any Samurai warrior. 

Every country in Europe has a special style of arcing with various styles of swords


Combining boxing and wrestling, the ancient Greek Pankration encourages boxers to fight without any guidelines, from kicking in a cave to bending their fingers. The goal of the Olympic Games was to help all the men in the Greek city to maintain their military readiness.

Highland Wrestling

Plateau wrestling was the first form of military martial art introduced to young people in Scotland, usually from father to child.