Top 10 Most Dangerous Martial Arts Apart from Eastern Martial Arts (Part 1)

Besides the famous martial arts originating in Japan, China or other parts of Asia, there are many forms of martial arts that are extremely dangerous in other parts of the world.


Combining combat and dance, Capoeira is one of the most beautiful fighting styles

Capoeira started in Brazil because African slaves and native Americans had to learn to fight on their own with their hands shackled. After the abolition of slavery, the Emperor of Brazil considered Capoeira techniques to be extremely dangerous because the slaves had been released and the practice of martial art had been prohibited.

Capoeira soon began to conduct preparation and coaching competitions, accompanied by the music that made the martial arts exercise dance. Today, the matches of Capoeira are still seen as a form of music and acrobatics. But it has to be said that the amazing punches, tossing and landing movements make Capoeira very effective in actual fighting.


Developed in France during the 19th century, Savate was initially made by street boxers wearing heavy duty shoes on each other’s feet. Currently, Savate is a slang for the word “old shoe” Savate has started to migrate from the streets to boxing schools and remains a common form of unarmed fighting in France, renowned for its vicious kicks in the head and face until it kills competitors.


In fact, this martial art was created in America by Bruce Lee (then American citizen Bruce Lee-then American citizen) who practiced and appreciated the basic form of Western martial arts such as boxing. Tired of the unnecessarily complex techniques of Kung Fu, Bruce Lee rubbed the most straightforward strategies as he created Jeet-Kune-Do. Many of Lee’s celebrity mates have studied martial arts, such as Abdul-Jabbar, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, and Steve McQueen.

Krav Maga

This dangerous Israeli combat martial art originated in the streets, developed by the Jewish Quarter Guard against gangs opposed to the Jews. Krav Maga differs from most martial arts in that it focuses on ending the match as quickly as possible with overwhelming force. That makes the technique of Krav Maga the most dangerous weapon of any martial art. Today, this martial art is being used by the police and the military, including the Special Forces and the FBI.