Capoeira vs Wushu: the UFC 251 confrontation between the two styles

At the upcoming UFC 251 gathering, the crowd will have the chance to see a rare encounter between two beautiful fighting styles: Capoeira and Wushu. 

Opening a series of four events at Fight Island in July, the UFC 251 blockbuster gained the focus of three big belt fights. Recently, Jorge Masvidal’s presence in the main match, replacing Gilbert Burns, has gained a lot of interest from the crowd.

However, three title matches are not the only highlight of the UFC 251. Since there is also a “form vs.” contest between the Prelims tournaments. Quite extraordinary style “about two world champions: Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos and Muslim Salikhov-a clash between Capoeira and Kungfu.” 

As champion of the Jungle Battle tournament in Brazil, few people know that Zaleski has been practicing Capoeira since childhood-a martial art with stunning transformative kicks. While he soon moved to MMA at the age of 20 and gained some popularity in the synthetic arena, the style of the Brazilian boxer still looks like this martial art.

Joining UFC in 2015, Zaleski had a string of seven straight wins and was ranked as a possible boxer in the Welterweight list. However in a deciding match against Chinese boxer Li Jingliang, Zaleski has sadly lost a late KO in the third half. 

Returning with a win over Alexey Kunchenko, Zaleski Dos Santos will face World Prime Minister Muslim Salikhov at UFC 251. Zaleski is very patient the second time he sees a Wushu warrior before a significant UFC 251 match.

Muslim Salikhov -The next rival of Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos will be the 5-time world champion

In UFC 251, both Salikhov and Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos are rated as “old” boxers who possess strong knockout skills. In fact, they both expect that the two boxers will carry the forte of the two martial arts that have made their names.